Localization Unplugged: Crafting Unforgettable In-App Harmonies Globally

Track: Global Business | GB2 |
Thursday, June 6, 2024, 2:30pm – 3:00pm
Held in: Herbert room
Rose Morgan - Spotify 
Jennifer Vela-Valido - Spotify
Host: Francesca Sorrentino

Who has not struggled to find the right balance of local and global strategies to offer truly localized products at a global scale? In this session, we will present how we established a new cross-functional framework to achieve local relevance, business alignment, and scalability across 74+ locales at Spotify. We will also share some success stories and pitfalls of our journeys towards a structured process that optimizes engagement and partnership with internal stakeholders and translation service providers to ensure content is culturally relevant and operational complexity is reduced. Some of these initiatives include redefining local market content review methodologies, designing new naming strategies, cross-functional collaboration with UX Research and Content Design teams, and the creation of iconic interactive in-app experiences, such as “Playlist in a Bottle”.


  • How to influence global product roadmaps based on cultural and linguistic analysis at specific points in the creative ideation phase to reduce churn, make data-driven decisions, and create culturally relevant products;
  • How to design a scalable framework to involve internal employees to review high-visibility localized content, ensuring it’s on-brand;
  • How to optimize partnerships with local market teams and translation language providers to take advantage of their in-country and cultural expertise.