Mastering Multilingual Content Consistency with Our Self-built AI-Chatbot Piuma

Track: Content Management | CM1 |
Thursday, June 6, 2024, 1:30pm – 2:00pm
Held in: Room 6
Claudia Francesca Mueller - Trusted Shops 
Sarah Sandführ - Trusted Shops

In B2B content management across eight languages, achieving consistency is crucial. This presentation will cover the transformative role of Piuma’s AI in this journey. Piuma, a self-built AI chatbot, seamlessly integrates with daily routines, offering real-time, AI-driven content suggestions within Figma copy. Yet, Piuma’s power is grounded in a Voice & Tone guideline, the essential foundation for content consistency. The presenters will guide you in crafting a Guideline that resonates across languages and cultures. Witness the dynamic interplay between Piuma and the Voice & Tone Guideline, as they collaboratively maintain content consistency in our complex, multilingual landscape.


  • How to build and integrate an AI content chatbot and link it with Figma;
  • How to ensure consistent copy in many languages;
  • How to make a chatbot and the content guideline prominent and put them into use.