A New Age of Technical Content Creation

Track: Technical | G6 |
Thursday, April 5, 2018, 11:30am – 12:15pm
Held in: G
Ryo Chikazawa - Locki, Inc.
Host: Gary Lefman

In recent years, GitHub has redefined the standard software development environment by becoming the standard. And it’s easy to see why — its collaborative platform has enabled faster development cycles than previously possible. Another process that GitHub has revamped is technical content creation. Markdown and the collaborative environment have skyrocketed in popularity, making JAMstack (JavaScript, API and Markdown) the most common architecture in use for this endeavor. It enables huge cost reductions, quicker adoption and of course, easier collaboration in creating web content. But in spite of all the advantages that JAMstack offers, localizing content is still a challenge. In this session, we’ll discuss how technical content is created in the GitHub ecosystem with JAMstack architecture. We’ll also examine how to optimize the process and fix common problems by introducing useful tools, workflows and case studies.

Takeaways: You’ll learn the current standards of content creation and why localization presents such a challenge for it. We’ll also cover some ways you can address common obstacles and streamline the process.