Open Language Foundation Kick-off

Track: Global Toolbox | GTB6 |
Wednesday, October 10, 2029, 9:00am – 12:30pm

In an increasingly complex digital world, we’re finding that things just don’t connect well. This is exacerbated by the dwindling presence of organizations maintaining standards that facilitate simple communications and information transfer between the tools and services we use in the localization industry. The Open Language Foundation’s mission is to facilitate effortless integration between the tools and services that we interact with every day through an increase of open source resources based on open standards.

The Open Language Foundation is launching with a manifesto signing event, where industry peers representing tools and service providers, clients, and academia gather to make a public commitment to the foundation’s principles and to drive positive change within the localization industry. During the event we will:

• Describe localization industry challenges integrating language technologies as creators and users.
• Define the purpose of the Open Language Foundation and what it aims to achieve.
• Introduce the manifesto and core principles for achieving seamless technology integrations.
• Discuss and refine the manifesto’s principles.
• Agree to uphold the principles and sign the manifesto.

After the event, founding signatories work with their organization to develop and use language technology that enables simple and seamless integration while keeping the manifesto principles in mind. The Open Language Foundation will be the platform for open communication and collaboration that will help to maintain momentum and progress.

This session is by invitation only. Register your organization’s interest in this free-to-attend event at

Lunch is not included with this session.