Process Innovation Challenge

Track: Advanced Localization Management | AL7 |
Wednesday, June 9, 2021, 5:45pm – 6:30pm
Held in: Jujama 3
Rikkert Engels - Xillio LocHub 
Rafał Jaworski - XTM International 
Maiju Nurminen - what3words 
Anouk Perquin - Anouk&Co 
Konstantin Savenkov - Intento
Moderator: Dave Ruane
Hosts: Jim Compton,
Jochen Hummel,
Yuka Nakasone

The PIC is a platform for innovations and innovators in the localization and translation industry, held during LocWorld conferences. Innovators have a stage to pitch their ideas to peers and experts. The audience will vote for the Process Innovator of the year.

Takeaways: Investors and other interested parties will get to meet innovators in the localization industry and see the latest localization innovations.

How Localization People Can Help Marketers Improve Global UX                 
We test for multilingual inconsistencies on websites. A lot of websites combine several languages on a single page due to errors in the process. Removing those errors increases conversion and provides for a much better local experience.
Rikkert Engels – Xillio LocHub

No TM and No Electronic Dictionary for Your Language? Conjure up Language Resources for Your Localization Projects       
Language resources such as translation memories (TMs) and electronic dictionaries are extremely helpful in the translation process. But what if you are translating to or from a language that lacks those resources? We introduce a process of conjuring up valuable language resources out of (almost) thin air — using only monolingual data.
Rafał Jaworski – XTM International

Impact Localization: A Framework for Cross-functional and Global Success
The impact localization framework breaks down successful localized experiences into simple key elements and pushes the boundaries of traditional localization. It helps organizations approach localization cross-functionally, drives global acquisition of their products, and establishes localization teams as the cornerstone of the organization’s global growth.
Maiju Nurminen – what3words

To Tag or Not to Tag?
We propose a novel approach to handling formatting and inline tags when performing machine translation (MT). It enables getting the same linguistic quality as you get for the plain text, and preserves the tags in the resulting text. It also works for all MT engines.
Konstantin Savenkov – Intento

Honey, I Shrunk the Pieces: How One-piece Flow Makes Your Global Content Process Fun, Effective, and Fast
Moving to one-piece flow means you transform your translation project into a short-cycled process. You divide your content into the smallest publishable pieces and run each piece through the process — up until publishing. You continuously and structurally improve what must be improved in order to make this process executable.
Anouk Perquin – Anouk&Co