Process Innovation Challenge

Track: Process Innovation Challenge | PIC1 |
This is an hour-long session, ending at 10:30am
Wednesday, October 20, 2021, 9:30am – 10:15am
Held in: Jujama
Nour Hussein - Tarjama 
Rafał Jaworski - XTM International 
Dominick Kelly - Keywords Studios 
Vincent Truong Van Nga - VMware 
Qiang Wan - VMware 
Alex Zekakis - XTM International
Moderator: Dave Ruane
Hosts: Esther Curiel,
Cornelia Sittel,
Peter Swaniker

The PIC is a platform for innovations and innovators in the localization and translation industry, held during LocWorld conferences. Innovators have a stage to pitch their ideas to peers and experts. The audience will vote for the Process Innovator of the year.

Takeaways: Investors and other interested parties will get to meet innovators in the localization industry and see the latest localization innovations.

Globalization 360 Hub: Providing Company-wide Visibility into Globalization Quality, Scorecard, and Maturity Levels                                              
VMware products transition to software as a service with more frequent release cadence. We developed Globalization 360 Hub to collect, aggregate, and visualize important globalization indicators for most VMware products and services.
Qiang Wan – VMware

Self-regulated Translation Community 
A self-regulated translation community where users that produce better post-edited machine translations get paid more.
Dominick Kelly – KantanAI

IQAL: Intelligent Quality Assurance Layer to Drive an Automated, Agile and Risk-sensitive QA Process 
This innovation blends a translation management system (TMS) and a quality assurance (QA) tool to drive an automated and intelligent QA process. Whenever a translation is completed in the TMS, the QA tool is invoked and the results are benchmarked against predetermined acceptance levels. Depending on the output, the TMS decides how to progress the workflow.
Alex Zekakis – XTM International

How to Develop Industry-focused Localization for Ecommerce in the Middle East and North Africa
Ecommerce localization in the Arabic-speaking market comes with unique challenges. One-size-fits all localization is no longer sufficient, so we’ll discuss how we innovatively tailored our processes, workforce, and technology to meet the demands of ecommerce. This topic can be valuable for people interested in scaling multilingual ecommerce to Arabic-speaking countries.
Nour Hussein – Tarjama

Caffeine, Context and Confusion: What Does My Coffee Machine Mean by “Empty Tray”? Detecting potential ambiguity in translation.      
It is quite common during the translation of user interfaces to stumble upon very short, one or two word segments with no context. They are a common source of confusion and incorrect translations. We introduce a mechanism of automatic detection of potential ambiguity in such segments.
Rafał Jaworski – XTM International