Reduce Costs by Over 20%: Leveraging Translator-MT Symbiosis With Quality Estimation

Track: Multilingual AI | AI6 |
Friday, June 7, 2024, 11:30am – 12:00pm
Held in: Pembroke room
Hameed Afssari - Uber 
Roberto Sastre - Translated
Host: Kathleen Bostick

With the financial pressures of the past year, many organizations are focusing on cost optimization. Cutting less critical but expensive translations is usually the default choice, but new technologies offer solutions to optimize costs without sacrificing the quantity and quality of translations. In this presentation, you will learn how companies such as Uber take advantage of AI quality estimation to leverage the symbiosis between human translators and machine translation, and how this process helped Uber reduce costs by one-third while still delivering high-quality translations to your global audience.


  • What an AI-driven quality assurance process is and how companies can use it;
  • When you can trust quality estimation;
  • How quality estimation improves the symbiosis between translators and MT.