Small Team, Big Results: Getting Total Buy-in as a Localization Manager

Track: Sponsored Session | SS7C |
Wednesday, July 13, 2022, 3:30am – 4:00am
Held in: Tiergarten
Bryan Murphy - Smartling

Join this session to learn best practices on how to get buy-in for localization projects across marketing, product, customer support, and leadership to maximize your team’s impact. We’ll discuss how to create self-sufficient teams across your organization so that they drive their own projects without you (the loc manager) as a bottleneck. Localization teams are often small, and to be successful, you need partners across departments, which means getting buy-in for your strategy and solutions, and empowering other teams to globalize. In this session, we will address, stepbystep, how to present localization ROI to your C-suite and department heads. You’ll feel empowered to tackle localization and translation initiatives at scale, and ultimately reach more customers around the globe. As CEO of Smartling, Bryan will share how he evaluates and green-lights teams’ proposals for expansion projects and more.