Source Quality Check Service — How to Move Corrective Work Upstream

Track: Advanced Localization Management | AL14 |
Thursday, January 28, 2021, 1:30pm – 2:00pm
Held in: Auditorium
Susanne Hempel - SAP 
Vicky Hu - SAP

Issues and mistakes in the texts on a product user interface can trigger customer escalations and cause severe damage to a company’s brand due to wrong terminology, wording or noncompliance with local policies. Untranslated or cut-off texts can lead to an unsatisfying customer experience in all languages. An internal analysis has shown that a significant amount of such language (translation) issues are caused by mistakes in the source texts. Based on the findings of this analysis, SAP is building a check service that developers can use in their integrated development environments or during the build process to detect and eliminate such source issues.

Takeaways: Attendees will receive an analysis of issues that impact translation quality; learn the challenges of building and integrating a check service in a complex development environment; and hear how to calculate the anticipated cost savings when using this check service.