A Conversation with Leading Minds: Unlocking AI, Workflow, and Scale for Your Business

Track: Sponsored Session | SS7A |
Thursday, October 12, 2023, 1:30pm – 2:00pm
Held in: Cedar/Pine, 2nd Floor
Georg Ell - Phrase 
Alon Lavie - Phrase 
Andrea Tabacchi - Phrase

Join us for a fireside chat with leading AI and automation experts on the transformative future of localization. Discover how they see AI revolutionizing the way businesses adapt their products, content, and information for diverse global audiences and internal teams. What do we need to expect from technology in the near future and how do we see the localization industry adapting to it?

Takeaways: Localization teams can utilize AI and automation to save time and effort in their day-to-day business; automation and AI are not going to make localization teams obsolete, they will enable localization teams to grow in importance; hear your questions answered in a fireside chat format