Delivering Human-level Quality at Half the Price with Generative AI — How Do We Get from Frenzy to Trust?

Track: Sponsored Session | SS7D |
Thursday, October 12, 2023, 1:30pm – 2:00pm
Held in: Siskiyou, Lobby Level
Bryan Murphy - Smartling

Today in the localization industry, LLMs are just starting to serve as content generation, translation, and quality estimation engines, but how can we make them work for us tomorrow? In this session, we’ll dig into how generative AI can be confidently deployed to work in our favor – instead of with a mind of their own. Leveraging generative AI together with an AI-powered human workforce allows brands to promote their tone of voice and style globally without compromising quality and at a significantly reduced cost. This session will uncover what Smartling is doing and how we are guiding customers through every step of their next-generation localization journey using our LanguageAI technology, optimizing human tasks, and creating reliable, scalable, and repeatable processes. We will cover the topics of using generative AI for producing translations, improving the quality of machine translation, and quality estimation within an enterprise-scale delivery framework. Our templatized approach to prompt engineering enables our customers across multiple verticals to translate various content types in an efficient way by capturing nuances and mitigating issues like model hallucination, bias, content drift, and false fluency.