TAUS Translation Technology Showcase - Across Systems GmbH

Track: Preconference | P10 |
Wednesday, June 8, 2016, 1:30pm – 5:00pm
Held in: Wicklow Meeting Room 4
Diego Bartolome - sintetic.ai 
Franziska Hardmeier - Donnelley Language Solutions 
Nadira Hofmann - STAR Group 
Vassilis Korkas - lexiQA 
Gema Ramírez Sánchez - Prompsit Language Engineering S.L. 
Achim Ruopp - TAUS 
Christian Weih - Across Systems GmbH
Host: Anne-Maj van der Meer

Since 2013 we have been hosting Machine Translation Showcases at LocWorld events. These showcases were part of the European Commission funded MosesCore project. This project has now ended, but due to the high interest in translation technologies we have decided to continue organizing these showcases. We’ve made it a little broader and call them the “Translation Technology Showcases”. We invite everyone interested in translation and translation technologies to attend this event. As at all TAUS events, we promise a highly interactive afternoon with a lot of time for questions and discussions.

Welcome and Introduction, Anne-Maj van der Meer (TAUS)

Integrating MT with TM for Higher Quality Translation (STAR MT and Transit NXT), Nadira Hofmann (STAR Group)

The STAR Group is a global leader in development of translation technology systems for translators and project managers. Transit NXT, STAR’s translation memory system is used by thousands of translators around the world. STAR MT is the Moses-based SMT system developed by STAR that integrates with Transit NXT combining both MT and TM solutions. Proven concepts and technologies from the TM sector are now being used for MT: STAR’s intelligent data structure for reference material and terminology provides significant added value as MT training material for STAR MT. In this presentation we will show, how machine translation integrates with Transit NXT and how project managers and translators benefit from and controlled use of machine translation. In practice, STAR experience shows that MT quality is especially high for segments with very good fuzzy matches. STAR has developed specialized editing functions within our solution that combine TM matches and MT suggestions as segments for “validation rather than repair”. We validate MT results using TM material, rather than repairing missing sections of fuzzy matches using MT. Translators and post-editors can see at a glance what needs to be done, and can benefit from the quality of validated reference material combined with the efficiency of an MT system. This delivers higher quality matches to the translator.

TAUS presents the MMT Project, Achim Ruopp (TAUS)

Linguistic QA in Online Translation Environments: An Old Problem, a New Solution, Vassilis Korkas (lexiQA)

The challenges of using quality assurance tools in translation and localization are well known and documented: cumbersome integration in translation workflows (particularly on-line), lack of user-friendliness, large ratios of false positives/negatives (noise) and a significant time investment in interpreting their error reports are just some of those challenges. lexiQA is here today to introduce a new approach which eliminates many of these problems and aims to streamline the QA process in on-line systems. By focusing primarily on cloud-based translation and localization platforms and by introducing customisable language-specific checks in a live QA process (“as-you-type”), our goal is to make linguistic quality assurance more efficient and productive for all parties in the client-vendor-supplier chain. In this session, we will demonstrate our API integration with a well-known on-line translation platform and highlight the advantages of our methodology.

Delivering Solutions — Focusing on TMS Adoption Rate and Change Management, Franziska Hardmeier (RR Donnelley)

Customers’ localization challenges cannot be resolved through the simple purchase of a piece of technology. The reality of a localization program always faces having to align and integrate a complex ecosystem of different technology platforms, file formats and stakeholder opinions and providing input and support for major and minor issues at all times. In this session, we will look at how the role of the solution designer and business implementation lead plays a key role in the success of technology implementation with some examples from the MultiTrans TMS Platform.

Across Systems GmbH, Christian Weih (Across Systems GmbH)

XTM Cloud

tauyou and Prompsit, Diego Bartolome (tauyou) and Gema Ramirez (Prompsit Language Engineering)