Threats, Innovations, and Myths: Embracing Change in the Language Industry

Track: Keynote | K2 |   Everyone |
Thursday, October 12, 2023, 10:15am – 11:15am
Held in: Cedar/Pine, 2nd Floor
Renato Beninatto - Nimdzi Insights 
Natalia Horbachevska - Task Force 
Erik Vogt - Vogt Strategy
Moderator: Jochen Hummel

ChatGPT will replace us all … just like machine translation, translation management systems, and CAT tools before that. Right? In the language industry, the introduction of new technologies often is met with fear of obsolescence or the demise of the industry. However, history has shown that we have successfully adapted to not only overcome but to embrace new technologies from the invention of the printing press to the development of conversational artificial intelligence and ChatGPT. In this session, we will discuss the past, present, and future of our industry in the face of continuous technological innovation.

takeaways: After this inspirational session, attendees will be better able to contextualize the current technological changes happening in our industry and embrace them as innovations rather than fear them as threats. From reviewing historical research, data, and case studies on specific examples in history, attendees will learn how and why our industry has remained resilient despite a pervasive fear of being replaced by technology. Attendees will learn how to take control of their careers and the future of the industry and take a data-driven approach to embracing change and becoming thought leaders.