Why a Connected Language Technology Framework Will Always Be in Fashion

Track: Multilingual AI | TA9 |   Intermediate |
Wednesday, July 13, 2022, 6:15am – 7:00am
Held in: Pavilion
Alex Katsambas - FARFETCH 
Dave Ruane - Lion People Global
Host: Peng Wang

In a crowded luxury fashion marketplace, how can you increase market share, enable individual brand voice, and just look good? The FARFETCH marketplace connects customers in almost 200 territories with over 1,300 luxury fashion and beauty brands. In this session, we will look at how a solid language technology framework has enabled platforms for global growth. We will discuss how automation, centralization of assets and following the right communication threads has helped FARFETCH meet their global content goals.

Takeaways: Attendees will learn how retail is leading the way with brand identity and differentiation in global markets; and get insights and clear tips on how to have a language technology such as a translation management system do the heavy lifting, allowing time to focus on core activity and goals.