Bryan Murphy

Bryan Murphy is the CEO of Smartling, a translation and localization software company servicing hundreds of global companies. He was formerly the vice president of vertical markets at eBay, and CEO and Cofounder of WHI, a software-as-a-service company, acquired by eBay in 2012. Bryan has also served as CEO of Breather and president of digital --- Read More ---

Bryan Murphy2022-07-05T22:41:54-07:00

Peggy van der Kreeft

Peggy van der Kreeft is an innovation manager at the research and cooperation projects department of Deutsche Welle, the German world broadcaster based in Bonn. She is an applied linguist, specialized in bringing language technology applications, in particular speech-to-text, automated translation, subtitling, and voiceover into the media world. Peggy coordinates human language technology efforts and --- Read More ---

Peggy van der Kreeft2022-07-04T16:00:33-07:00

Pascale Le Blévennec

Pascale Le Blévennec is the senior account manager in charge of language service providers (LSPs), banking, and consulting at SYSTRAN. She has a deep understanding of LSP needs and challenges in regard to translation technologies. With a strong background in project and sales cycle management, and 20 years of experience bringing value to clients through --- Read More ---

Pascale Le Blévennec2022-06-26T17:53:11-07:00

Isaure Chundoo

Isaure Chundoo holds a master degree in English and Spanish translation from the University of Paris. She has over ten years of experience working in localization at Amplexor (now Acolad), with roles in translation, project management, and team management. Isaure is currently a presales consultant at SYSTRAN, where she supports machine translation users in their --- Read More ---

Isaure Chundoo2022-06-26T17:55:40-07:00

Saurabh Kavathekar

Saurabh Kavathekar is on a mission to help software users throughout the world with a truly localized experience leveraging technology and innovation. Having spent over 20 years in software globalization, he is among the first few who have laid the foundation of modern software globalization practice in India. Saurabh is currently the head of product --- Read More ---

Saurabh Kavathekar2022-07-08T13:43:30-07:00

Robert Brodowicz

As the product owner for the TMSQA and CFT systems at Argos Multilingual, Robert Brodowicz drives development by discussing requirements with users and stakeholders. He also dabbles in AI and strives to bring innovation into the old and dusty quality assurance status quo. Robert moved to Kraków for his studies about ten years ago and has remained --- Read More ---

Robert Brodowicz2022-06-27T18:34:35-07:00

Andrea Ballista

Andrea Ballista has been working in the game industry for more than 25 years. Starting from his passion of music, songwriting, and singing, he holds a degree in computer music. Since cofounding Binari Sonori in 1994, Andrea has been the audio director for Keywords Studios from 2015 until the end of 2019. In 2020 he  --- Read More ---

Andrea Ballista2022-06-22T20:05:25-07:00

Petr Antropov

Petr Antropov is the chief revenue officer and cofounder of Lokalise. He started his career in investment banking, then turned serial entrepreneur cofounding Odnoklassniki, a social network service sold to the Mail.ru Group, streaming provider Megogo.net, and Roamer app. The latter turned out to be the starting point for Lokalise. Leading all commercial operations at --- Read More ---

Petr Antropov2022-06-23T17:40:50-07:00

Sonya Biernath

Sonya Biernath is the head of localization operations and recruitment at Deluxe Media. Passionate about growth, mentorship, and technology, she has built a number of high-performance teams while creating strategies and workflows to help increase return on investment from recruitment, to training, to production, to delivery. In her current hybrid role, Sonya is working to --- Read More ---

Sonya Biernath2022-06-21T20:43:06-07:00

Caroline Westberg

Caroline Westberg has over ten years of experience in translation and localization. She leads scaled operations and grows high-performing localization teams across the globe at Booking.com, one of the world’s leading platforms for finding accommodation, from hotels to bed and breakfasts.

Caroline Westberg2022-07-04T15:52:56-07:00
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