Jordi Macias

An industry veteran, Jordi Macias started his career in Madrid, Spain, as a project manager for a company that later became Lionbridge. He is currently leading the machine translation team as well as the product team focused on evolving Lionbridge's offerings on the technology vertical.

Jordi Macias2021-09-15T07:38:52-07:00

Karin Gut

Karin Gut has been an events professional from the beginning of her career. Since 2012, Karin has been a partner and member of the management board of the communications agency, Compresso. Before her agency time, she gained years of experience on the client side as an event manager at the Weisse Arena Group in Flims --- Read More ---

Karin Gut2021-09-13T10:30:04-07:00

Martina Russo

Martina Russo is a marketing translation and user experience localization specialist, and named one of Nimdzi's top localization influencers. She started out as a freelancer in 2010, now owns and manages global virtual teams at Moving Words (localization for marketing and technology software as a service) and The Action Sports Translator (translation for the outdoors --- Read More ---

Martina Russo2021-09-08T14:10:44-07:00

Rujira Saithong

With nearly 20 years of experience in the localization industry, Rujira Saithong is currently working as a vendor manager at Beluga. Her career highlights include helping various film studios ramp up translation resources to prepare for major territory platform launches and streamlining onboarding practices with various companies. Recruitment, training, and feedback all require the personal --- Read More ---

Rujira Saithong2021-09-08T07:59:05-07:00

Mathieu Lonchampt

Mathieu Lonchampt is French and based in Sophia-Antipolis Technology Park, South France. He has spent most of his career at Amadeus looking after project management, IT engineering, and project management of IT engineering. Over the past two and a half years, Mathieu and his team have accelerated their digital ambition by developing and implementing a --- Read More ---

Mathieu Lonchampt2021-09-08T07:40:35-07:00

Cynthia Obioha

With over ten years in the tech industry, Cynthia Obioha has a knack for ideating and building products fit especially for emerging market users, and taking them to market. Currently an international product growth lead with a team looking after Africa and Middle East, she is passionate about technology and its potential to enable people --- Read More ---

Cynthia Obioha2021-09-03T06:44:44-07:00

Tyler Tomaszewski

Tyler Tomaszewski is a recent graduate of the University of Washington's localization certificate program. He has spent years in project/program/solutions management roles for translation operations on both the client and language service provider sides. Tyler has been interested in transitioning out of operations focused on translation of documents for a while, hoping to move into --- Read More ---

Tyler Tomaszewski2021-09-02T07:11:33-07:00

Madalena Sánchez Zampaulo

Madalena Sánchez Zampaulo is not like most language service company owners, she is actually a translator herself. With a background in project management, and her translation and interpreting experience, Madalena opened Accessible Translation Solutions (ATS) in 2010 and has maintained her own freelance practice throughout the years. Doing so allows her to fully understand the --- Read More ---

Madalena Sánchez Zampaulo2021-08-31T07:00:37-07:00

Emeline Robert-Pottorff

Emeline Robert-Pottorff is a recent graduate from Strasbourg University with a master’s degree in technical communication and localization. She works as an engineering linguist at LinkedIn (via Workforce Logiq) in California. Emeline’s daily tasks involve enriching and managing LinkedIn’s taxonomies for the French market. She is sometimes tasked with localization and quality assurance of internal --- Read More ---

Emeline Robert-Pottorff2021-08-30T09:54:15-07:00
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