Adriana Acevedo

Adriana Acevedo is passionate about the intersection of language and technology. For over a decade, she has been immersed in the dynamic localization industry, initially as a translator and most recently as linguistic team manager (LATAM) and leading the localization vendor and quality management programs at HubSpot. Before her journey in localization, Adriana actively collaborated --- Read More ---

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Johan Lourens

Johan Lourens's educational journey started off with a BS degree in computer systems from the University of Heriot-Watt. He began as a release engineer but his career took an unexpected turn when during a company restructure he became a localization engineer. It was during this time that Johan stumbled upon his true calling – the --- Read More ---

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Unn Villius

As the chief sales 0fficer at Vistatec, Unn Villius draws inspiration from the passion she has always had for language in all its forms. She is an avid reader, movie watcher, and radio listener. She sees working in the language industry for well over thirty years as a gift that keeps on giving. Her passion --- Read More ---

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Zach Duncan

Zach Duncan is head of localization at Stripe and has over a decade of experience in the localization industry, with previous roles including Uber, Lionbridge, and thebigword. He has worn many hats in localization and no matter what role he’s held, Zach has always been diligent at seeking out and mastering the latest localization technology --- Read More ---

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Jamie Cox

Jamie Cox is a localization manager with ten years' experience, starting out at LSPs like Gengo, Welocalize, and ULG, and then transitioning to the client side. Jamie previously worked as a localization producer at Blizzard Entertainment and currently holds the position of localization program manager at BetterUp, where he manages localization into seven languages. Jamie --- Read More ---

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Mike Kim

Mike Kim is a veteran in the gaming industry, boasting nearly twenty years of gaming development localization experience and over a decade in localization management. His journey spans from startups to corporate giants, encompassing AAA titles and mobile games. Recognized as a guru in game localization, Mike blends cultural adaptation with technical precision. As a --- Read More ---

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Tumi Samuel-Ipaye

Tumi Samuel-Ipaye is an undergraduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, majoring in data science and mathematical economics. She's an AI researcher and enthusiast dedicated to applying data analysis and machine learning to address real-world challenges. Tumi collaborates with global teams at the African Languages Lab, focusing on text-to-text translation, speech recognition, and chatbots for --- Read More ---

Tumi Samuel-IpayeDonna Parrish2023-09-27T11:14:07-07:00

Jessy Nguyen

Jessy Nguyen is an adaptable, self-motivated worker who is passionate about efficiency, accessibility, and tying things to the big picture. Through his various leadership experiences and multi-cultural background, Jessy has brought teams together and worked toward a shared objective while maintaining good rapport and synergistic relationships with coworkers and stakeholders. After living in Japan, Jessy --- Read More ---

Jessy NguyenDonna Parrish2023-09-07T06:24:23-07:00
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