Ibrahim El-Yakub

Ibrahim El-Yakub is a humanitarian worker based in Northeast Nigeria with over six years of experience. He held the position of Shuwa Arab team lead for three years at Translators without Borders before transitioning to the role of chatbot engagement officer as part of the Multilingual Chatbot Team. Ibrahim believes that with technology, effective communication [ Read More ]

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Maiju Nurminen

Maiju Nurminen leads marketing and user experience localization at what3words — the tech company that’s given every three-meter square in the world an address of three random words, so far in 48 languages. She is passionate about delivering meaningful experiences across all languages, cultures, and platforms. As a translator herself, Maiju is keenly aware of the limits of translation in localizing experiences [ Read More ]

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Benjamin  Tsou

Benjamin  Tsou has worked in natural language processing for over 20 years. He and his team at Chilin (HK) Ltd. have cultivated a large database of over 300,000 parallel Chinese and English patents from which over 30 million high-quality sentence pairs ideal for machine translation training have been extracted. From these they obtained over one [ Read More ]

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Joern Wuebker

Joern Wuebker is director of research at Lilt and leads development of the startup's adaptive neural machine translation system. He has published about efficient interactive machine translation and adaptive learning at several major natural language processing conferences. Joern holds a PhD from RWTH Aachen University, which was advised by Professor Hermann Ney.

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Jochen Hummel

Jochen Hummel is cofounder and CEO of Coreon GmbH. He also heads ESTeam AB, a leading language operations company. As founder of TRADOS, Jochen established computer-assisted translation as a product category, with Semiox he is reinventing multilingual again. He is an internationally known software executive, business angel, and serial entrepreneur.

Jochen Hummel2021-05-26T12:21:45-07:00
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