Chiara Pacella

Language Manager

Chiara Pacella is a language manager at Facebook where she covers a series of roles that span from linguistic support, translation quality assurance (QA), vendor management, training and crowd management. After an initial career as an in-house, vendor-side marketing and technical translator, linguistic tester and freelancer, she became involved in the broader localization industry then joined the Facebook team in early 2010 moving to the client-side. Chiara is now focusing on translation QA and language management and is still actively involved in crowd management at Facebook. In the past, Chiara was involved as a partner in the EU-funded MultilingualWeb Thematic Network, where she also acted as a speaker during their workshops. She holds a BA in translation and interpreting (Italian with English, Spanish and Portuguese) from the University of Trieste and an MA in applied translation studies from the University of Leeds (Italian with English and French).

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