Gilad Almosnino

Software Internationalization Consultant
World Ready Guides

Gilad Almosnino is an internationalization visionary who has spent the past 20 years transforming customer feedback into user experiences across Microsoft products including Windows, Edge, Xbox and Surface. He was successful at driving industry-wide standardization enhancements to the Unicode bidirectional algorithm and produced solutions which yielded two patent applications for user interface (UI) control during his work on Windows 8 development. In 2019 Gilad launched World Ready Guides, an independent software internationalization consulting firm that helps empower experiences across the globe by partnering with software designers and developers to build more inclusive locally relevant user experiences. In 2020 he was chosen by the Standard Institute of Israel to lead the Hebrew Support in computerized systems committee that is responsible for developing standards that address Israeli market requirements including UI mirroring, text handling and language quality.

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