Jason Mars

Clarity Lab, University of Michigan

Jason Mars is at the intersection of science, technology, and entrepreneurship, aiming for global impact. As a computer science professor at the University of Michigan, he leads the Clarity Lab, a top AI and computing research hub. Mars developed Jaseci, a groundbreaking tech stack, and Jac, a programming language that revolutions sophisticated software creation for the Generative AI era and is utilized by-products like Myca.ai, Tobu Life, and ZeroShotBot.  Mars is also a serial entrepreneur, founding multiple companies that have delivered trend-setting AI solutions to over 20 million users across diverse sectors. His accolades include raising $62 million in capital, building $200 million-valued businesses, and awards like Crain Business’s 40 under 40, Bank Innovations’ Most Innovative CEO, and the CARAH Award. He also wrote the Amazon bestseller Breaking Bots: Inventing A New Voice In The AI Revolution. Before Michigan, Mars taught at UCSD and worked with Google and Intel. He has a PhD in Computer Science from UVA.