Jessy Nguyen

Senior Localization Project/Program Manager

Jessy Nguyen is an adaptable, self-motivated worker who is passionate about efficiency, accessibility, and tying things to the big picture. Through his various leadership experiences and multi-cultural background, Jessy has brought teams together and worked toward a shared objective while maintaining good rapport and synergistic relationships with coworkers and stakeholders. After living in Japan, Jessy developed his passion for connecting cultures and alongside his interest in business and technology and decided on a career in the globalization/localization industry. As an avid learner, after completing his master’s in translation and localization management at MIIS, Jessy has been diving into localization data infrastructure, operational strategy, and team building as focus areas for continued learning. At LinkedIn, he continues to apply his expertise towards the localization of the LinkedIn ecosystem.

Upcoming Sessions for Jessy Nguyen

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