Kerstin Bier

Service Owner, Onboarding (M&A)

In her role as service owner for the onboarding service (mergers and acquisitions) at SAP, one of the world’s leading business software enterprises, Kerstin Bier is responsible for supporting SAP’s mergers and acquisitions in setting up and managing efficient localization processes and projects in the post-merger integration phase and beyond. Coming from an acquisition herself to SAP in 2012, Kerstin leads a team of account and delivery managers, project managers and a localization engineer, and puts a strong focus on establishing strong working relationships with the goal to set up efficient and scalable processes that help all sides. In her previous role at Sybase, acquired by SAP in 2010, Kerstin was responsible for managing European localization projects. She initiated and drove the introduction of statistical machine translation for one of their product areas and presented challenges and lessons learned at various conferences.

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