Linda Stéphanie Prisca Hien

Cofounder and CEO
Centre de Langues, Éducation et Services

Linda Stéphanie Prisca Hien,, an English to French professional translator native of Burkina Faso, is passionate about languages and books, and has a keen interest in human rights and personal development. Since October 2021 she has been the Ouagadougou LocLunch ambassador. Linda holds a BA in English literature and civilization from the Mouloud Mammeri University (Algeria) and a master’s degree in translation from the Pan-African University-ASTI (Cameroon). She has been working as a freelance English to French translator/interpreter/localizer, and, for the past three years, a West African voiceover artist. Linda is currently working as a part-time translation consultant for the University of Georgia and is the bilingual executive project assistant at Davycas International, a nongovernmental organization. She is a mentee from the Beluga mentoring program, and the cofounder and CEO of the Language, Education and Services Center (CLES), a platform that promotes eLearning of foreign and local languages and language service providers in Africa.

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