Marcus Casal

VP Content Solutions Technology

Marcus Casal is a technologist, language geek and passionate about both. He currently runs all language and content-related technology at AMPLEXOR, ranging from connector through project management and advanced linguistic systems. Prior to AMPLEXOR, Marcus owned all production technology at Lionbridge. He has been very active in the global language industry , serving on the TAUS advisory board together with colleagues from large customers and technology providers. Marcus has also been involved with OASIS and other standards organizations. He has several patents pending in both the US and Europe for novel methods of content storage and visualization. Marcus’ career spans 20 years and ranges from founding a startup to localization consulting, production engineering, solutions development and operational management. He is a native speaker of Spanish and English, and is fascinated by the morphological richness of language as well as by linguistic evolution over time. Marcus holds both a BA and an MA in languages from Duke University and the University of Florida.

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