Iti Sahai

Iti Sahai leads localization at Procore, a global construction technology enterprise platform. She has over 15 years of combined experience in international business and localization, delivering international growth through product-led localization strategy and best practices that fully engage targeted international audiences. Iti champions localization transformation into a strategic function and has been recognized for her [ Read More ]

Iti Sahai2021-01-22T07:12:01+01:00

Simone Perone

Simone Perone joined Translated in 2015 and is currently the vice president of product management. Passionate about technology, in 2007 he joined Venere.com, an online travel agency which was bought by Expedia.com in 2008, where he then handled web marketing strategy as a product owner. In 2011, Simone joined AmicoTravel, an Italian startup, as head [ Read More ]

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Stéphanie Labroue

Stéphanie Labroue joined SYSTRAN in 2011 as technical account manager, supporting prospects and customers in their machine translation (MT) implementation project. Before joining SYSTRAN, she was a business unit manager at Lionbridge, successfully implemented MT solutions to increase productivity, reduce time-to-market and maximize profits. Today, Stéphanie trains customers in order to maximize the benefits drawn [ Read More ]

Stéphanie Labroue2021-01-15T07:44:21+01:00

Rahul Koul

Based in India, Rahul Koul is cofounder and chief strategist of Zensciences, a business-to-business marketing agency based in India.

Rahul Koul2021-01-12T11:50:10+01:00

John Sokol

John Sokol manages localization at Calm, the mental fitness app. In two years, he has overseen four language launches and he particularly enjoys working with the transcreation of dreamy Sleep Stories. John is a linguaphile who speaks fluent French and dabbles in several other languages. He is based in San Francisco.

John Sokol2021-01-07T09:20:05+01:00

Arun Muttreja

Arun Muttreja is an experienced international development consultant working with many organizations in India and the United Kingdom. Previously he worked for 15 years  at Save the Children based in London and India.

Arun Muttreja2021-01-12T11:52:54+01:00

Pascale Ruimy

A 15 year localization professional, Pascale Ruimy is an expert in the world of localization management. She currently leads a team in charge of localizing all Gap Inc.'s brands and corporate internal content.

Pascale Ruimy2021-01-06T08:41:40+01:00

Linda Russheim

Linda Russheim is the founder of HT Financial Marketing, specialists in financial marketing providing impactful innovative and cost-effective end-to-end marketing solutions for the investment and savings industry. She has 18 years of experience in the financial services industry, with 12 years at Mercer Investments, becoming the global head of marketing for the last five years. [ Read More ]

Linda Russheim2021-01-05T15:03:40+01:00

Theresa Heim-Stohler

Theresa Heim-Stohler is the senior operations manager of localization at Nike. She has 20+ years of experience in the localization industry. Theresa is a graduate of the Monterey Institute of International Studies where she earned a master’s degree in German and Russian translation and interpretation.

Theresa Heim-Stohler2021-01-05T14:05:48+01:00
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