Lori Silverstein

Lori Silverstein, senior vice president sales at SPi Global, draws from over 25 years of business development leadership experience at top tier global brands. She has consistently earned top ranks in new business development as well as go-to-market strategies to launch new markets and data and technology related services. Lori’s areas of expertise include financial [ Read More ]

Robert Rogge

Robert Rogge is the CEO and cofounder of Zingword, a system where buyers of all kinds can find qualified translators in any specialization and quickly staff their translation needs. Translators get professional representation in a platform where they are the center. Robert is also the marketing manager at Wordbee and prior to that, he owned [ Read More ]

Tex Texin

Tex Texin is an industry thought leader specializing in business and software globalization services. His consulting company, XenCraft, provides global product strategy, Unicode and internationalization architecture, implementation and testing. Tex has created numerous global products, led internationalization development teams and guided both startup and enterprise-level companies in taking business to new regional markets. He is [ Read More ]

Lucio Gutierrez

Lucio Gutierrez is a seasoned globalization architect and full stack software developer who is passionate about globalization of software.

Neftalí Jovel

Neftalí Jovel started at Indeed as a country marketing associate for its Spanish language markets and wore many hats then, including that of translator, quality assurance analyst, marketer, salesman, client services representative, SEO specialist, scam moderator and more. In 2014, he stepped into the role of localization manager and created the localization team to help [ Read More ]

Heather Shoemaker

Heather Shoemaker has over 20 years in the field of software development and globalization. During those 20 years she has worked as a developer, an internationalization field engineer, vice president of software development, director of globalization and CEO at a mix of startups and large corporations. Now as founder and co-CEO at Language I/O, Heather [ Read More ]

Silvio Picinini

Silvio Picinini is a staff machine translation language specialist at eBay. He focuses on creating processes for measuring and improving translation quality, whether from a machine or a human. Silvio has been working with translation quality and as a translator for over 20 years.

Chandra Penke

Chandra Penke is a technical leader in user interface (UI) development with nearly fifteen years of experience. Most recently, he provided technical leadership for the Tesla Infotainment team and played a key role in helping institute best practices for internationalization and localization for the in-car UI deployed across the world. By being part of the [ Read More ]

Irina Rybnikova

Irina Rybnikova is a documentation and localization professional with over 20 years of experience in IT and security companies. She has worked for Kaspersky Lab, Yandex and Positive Technologies, maintaining content creation and localization teams. Irina implements new technologies, machine translation, online help portals, continuous localization and localization quality assurance automation.

Pedro Gomez

Pedro Gomez has a passion for bringing digital products to billions of users worldwide. At Microsoft he is part of Microsoft News, a publishing platform that delivers high-quality news to users around the world. Pedro leads the team of global product managers responsible for making sure that the products are engaging, locally relevant, efficient to [ Read More ]