Mitja Sternkopf

Mitja Sternkopf began work as an apprentice IT management assistant in Germany followed by several years in the UK where he completed additional training in customer-facing service and relations. He returned to Germany in 2007 to work in the translation industry and in 2013 joined kothes in translation management where he learned about the entire [ Read More ]

Giorgio Mattiuzzo

Giorgio Mattiuzzo graduated in classics but found his passion for localization through the gaming industry more than ten years ago. He has held many different roles until he joined National Instruments in 2016. Since 2018 Giorgio has been senior project manager focusing on vendor and quality management, with particular attention to the interaction between technology, [ Read More ]

John Weisgerber

John Weisgerber is a battle-scarred veteran of many localization campaigns. For over 15 years he has earned first-hand experience in almost every role possible: freelance translator, localization project manager for both language service providers (LSPs) and global enterprises such as HP, head of LSP operations and machine translation developer. In recent years John has  leveraged [ Read More ]

Inés Rubio

Inés Rubio is a localization veteran with experience in ecommerce, marketing and 15 years of gaming industry background. Her interest in process improvement centered around technology and outsourcing solutions drove her to research potential machine translation applications to games localization before the Google Neural Machine Translation landmark. Inés currently applies her passion to translation and localization processes at [ Read More ]

Martin Svestka

Martin Svestka is the chief product officer at Memsource, the Prague-based translation management system development company. He heads Memsource’s team of product managers and user experience designers, and personally specializes in continuous localization. Martin is passionate about leveraging technologies to automate localization processes and enabling customers to achieve maximum efficiency. He has been managing the [ Read More ]

Adam Bittlingmayer

Adam Bittlingmayer is the CEO and cofounder of ModelFront, the first and only provider of translation risk prediction. He is a language learner and software engineer with experience at such startups as Google Translate, Google Play and Adobe. Beyond quality estimation and evaluation, Adam’s interests include input correction, language identification, transliteration and synthetic data generation.

Robert O’Shaughnessy

Robert O’Shaughnessy is a product and solutions manager at Amplexor. Previously, he was founder and CEO of Reverbeo, a translation technology startup acquired by Amplexor. Robert drives a suite of website localization and marketing connectivity solutions as product/developer/manager, along with consulting with Fortune 500 clients on website globalization strategy.

Johan Sporre

Johan Sporre is a skilled project manager with a holistic view of business development in several industries. He has over 17 years of achievement formulating and advancing revenue-generating projects and leading professional teams to execute innovative and sustainable resolutions. Johan’s dynamic skill set is ideal for establishing internal frameworks, devising business plans, systems control, workforce [ Read More ]

Gilad Almosnino

Gilad Almosnino is an internationalization visionary who has spent the past 20 years transforming customer feedback into user experiences across Microsoft products including Windows, Edge, Xbox and Surface. He was successful at driving industry-wide standardization enhancements to the Unicode bidirectional algorithm and produced solutions which yielded two patent applications for user interface (UI) control during [ Read More ]

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