Yasmin Vanya

Senior Localization Manager
Sony Interactive Entertainment

Yasmin Vanya joined Sony Interactive Entertainment (PlayStation) in 2011 and has been the senior localization manager since 2014. She is responsible for managing localization of user interfaces for PlayStation products — PS4, PS3, PS VITA and recently PS5. Prior to that, Yasmin worked at Megnicode (an app development startup) and had a long tenure at Xilinx as localization manger and senior software developer. She has an MSCS and MBA in technology management. Yasmin is a lifelong learner of languages and can speak Burmese, Japanese, Persian, Urdu and basic Arabic. When she is not localizing, she moonlights as a project manager for Burma with Moonlight Humanity Foundation . Yasmin has contributed to the Bay Area community volunteering for more than 15 years through social projects including feeding the homeless, interfaith activities and serving on community-based, nonprofit organizations.

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