The cornerstone of our business: discussions with practitioners for practitioners on how to successfully work in the localization space, how to expand chances for acceptance, what are current trends.



Systematic planning for education in localization to embrace the revolution brought by machine learning, bridge the gap between academia and industry, and prepare for the next generation localizers. 


Trade Secrets

Information on doing business in the language industry. Topics include how to run a better organization, increase profitability, thrive in market swings and handle mergers.

Trade Secrets2021-03-23T15:35:39-07:00

Global Toolbox

Deep dive in these workshops and round tables on specific topics. Get the tools you need to successfully go global.

Global Toolbox2021-03-23T15:36:34-07:00

Sponsored Session

This session is paid for and is created at the discretion of the sponsoring company.

Sponsored Session2020-09-02T23:50:02-07:00
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