Pangeanic is not the usual language service provider (LSP). We develop translation technology, machine translation engines and website crawling technologies to track new content that eases website translation and other aspects of the translation workflow. Machine Translation API? We have it. Online system to check how similar your new content is to old content and extract only the new sentences? Absolutely, it’s called Cor. How about a tool to improve leveraging, CAT-tool agnostic? Yeah, we’ve developed that too…ActivaTM. We thus ensure excellent translations and higher automation to enhance our clients brand reputation around the world. Our new Neural MT, Cor and ActivaTM sets Pangeanic apart as an industry leader. Several European Union and national research and development programs are behind all of our technology, designed to improve efficiency and workflows. ActivaTM is the most advanced multichannel, multiformat and multilanguage translation memory system. It is based on elastic search technologies. Cor technology eases the estimation process of any file format, including websites. It is able to crawl any website, extract content and detect any new content at scheduled times. All of Pangeanic’s technology has been developed to provide its clients with strict planning control when undertaking the multilingual publication and internationalization of their content.