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LocWorld Speaker Toolkit

Presentation Tips For LocWorld Speakers

Here are a few quick videos to help you on your way to delivering your best presentation possible.


With Gregor Kneitz


With Gregor Kneitz


With Gregor Kneitz

LocWorld Press & Marketing Toolkit

Increase your level of exposure – as both a speaker and a representative of your company – by promoting your conference session/s, and help grow the LocWorld community by encouraging your clients and colleagues to attend the conference.  Here are some simple tools to assist you in your marketing efforts.


Highlight your involvement with LocWorld with a speaker banner, that you can use on your website, in emails, and other documents.  Available in a variety of formats to suit major social platforms and website use.

LocWorld Powerpoint Template

Prepare your presentation using the official LocWorld template.


Not sure where to start with social media?
Here are a few tips to get you started – plus check out our selection of sample tweets and posts we’ve prepared in the event downloads.

Current Official Hashtags:

LocWorld51 Dublin, June 2023 – #LocWorld51
LocWorld52 Monterey, October 2023 – #LocWorld52

Quick Tips For Social Media Success
  1. Start your promotion as soon as you have been confirmed as a speaker at the event! This will help build interest in your participation early, leading to greater interest by the time of the event. You don’t need to post heavily early on, but it’s great to kickstart the excitement once your engagement is confirmed.
  2. Plan your social media presence during the event. Who else will be attending from your company? What will their roles be? How can they be involved in social media engagement for your session? Involve the whole team if possible!
  3. 1 month out – step up your promotion. Start talking about what attendees can look forward to when attending your session/s
  4. Make sure you use the official hashtag!! Each conference has its own special hashtag to make finding and re-sharing content easy for everyone. Using the hashtag will ensure that attendees will see your posts and our social media team can more easily support your promotional efforts. All current official hashtags are listed above.
  5. Use a Social Media Dashboard. Planning the bulk of your social media posts before the actual event, using a social media dashboard like Hootsuite, is very helpful. This will save you a lot of time when you are live during the event and busy interacting with the attendees.
  6. Don’t just rely on scheduled posts – live post as well. Posting as things happen will add some additional interest to your promotion and gives you more flexibility to capitalize on events that occur on the day. As a speaker, this will require the recruitment of a team member to live post during your session. However, you will also have opportunities to post prior to and after your session following interactions with attendees, etc.
  7. Be human and have a conversation. Use a natural voice in your posts – it should feel like your colleagues are speaking to the audience, not some corporate announcement. And make sure you reply to others’ posts when you can – remember, it is ‘Social’ media.
  8. Go multimedia. Use pictures and video, this is also vital for virtual events. The more interesting you can make your posts – both content-wise and visually, the more effective with will be for you.
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