Yaraku., Inc, founded in 2009 in Tokyo, Japan, is aspired to change the way translation assets are created and managed today. Language service providers (LSPs) are facing multifaceted challenges — the increasing cost of human translation services, increasing complexity of service delivery and increasing difficulty in customer retention and satisfaction. LSPs are looking for a light-weight technology to do the heavy lifting. Yaraku intends to help LSPs benefit from the best of machine translation technology and yet generate sustainable and predictable revenues from premium translation services. YarakuZen brings together an easy-to-use machine translation platform for LSPs’ customers to handle day-to-day entry-level translation tasks, and a commerce platform that allows customers to inquire and order translation services from LSPs. Become a YarakuZen partner, and learn how to maximize the top line and minimize the bottom line with YarakuZen.