The Opening Reception

Sponsored by  SDL

Come kick off the conference with a celebration!

Tuesday, April 3
7:00 – 9:00 pm

Tokyo Bay Hilton
Location: Garden Pool

What better way to begin your conference experience than to attend the opening reception! Here you can start to network with your peers, meet old friends, make new acquaintances and plan the next two days at LocWorld. We will gather by the Garden Pool (don’t worry – plans are in place in case the weather does not permit an outside event).

Your badge is your admission ticket. Remember to wear it! Are you just arriving that evening? The conference registration desk will be at the reception for you to pick up your badge and start networking.

Conference Dinner

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Enjoy a relaxing evening with fellow attendees

Wednesday, April 4

Meiji Kinenkan
2-2-23 Moto-Akasaka
Minato 107-0051
Tokyo Prefecture

After a full day of discussions, networking and learning, what better way to relax than be amidst 120,000 trees? Join us at Meiji Kinenkan, just outside Meiji Shrine, for our conference dinner in a lovely and relaxed setting. Built in 1881 as a secondary imperial residence, this beautiful hall is now controlled with the nearby Meiji Shrine in 70 hectares of evergreen forest.

Buses from the Tokyo Bay Hilton to the dinner begin at 6:00 pm 
Buses from the dinner to the Tokyo Bay Hilton begin at 9:30 pm

All main conference attendees are invited to join us for the conference dinner, which is included as part of the registration. Your conference badge is your dinner ticket and must be worn to be admitted.