Customer Experience at the Speed of Now — Continuous Delivery Localization That Engages Users

Track: Advanced Localization Management | AL3 |
Thursday, October 27, 2016, 2:45pm – 4:00pm
Held in: Westmount
Ger Joyce - Rapid7 
Natalia Levitina - PTC 
Marc Mittag - MittagQI – Quality Informatics 
Andrzej Poblocki - 
Jonas Ryberg - Pactera Technologies
Moderator: Dave Ruane

Continuous delivery (CD) enables accelerated time-to-market for reaching global customers and markets. At the same time product and content organizations are tasked to ensure the customer experience (CX) is maximized. How can both of these be achieved in today’s fast changing product and content landscape? During this session panelists from companies in the visual analytics, information management, information security, engineering and product life cycle areas, will share what they do to ensure continuous delivery localization happens, while keeping a close eye on CX. We will discuss both successes and failures, and look at business drivers, methods, processes and best practices that deploy in a fast-changing agile environment. The session will be a hands-on look at what really works for companies such as PTC, Qlik, Rapid7 and Veritas. We will challenge common norms around CX and CD and look at some of the forces of change impacting these businesses and what the future holds. This will be an opportunity to understand the DNA transformations happening at these companies and get some insights and tools that perhaps you can use to help meet customer experience needs at the “speed of now.”