Discover How to Improve the Quality of Post-editions and Productivity by Sharing Information

Track: Multilingual AI | TA2 |
Thursday, October 27, 2016, 1:30pm – 2:15pm
Held in: Fontaine CD
María Azqueta Arizcun - SeproTec Multilingual Solutions
Host: Oleksandr Pysaryuk

Everyone is talking about machine translation (MT) these days, but how many people are talking about that character who diligently works away in the shadows to ensure that a machine-processed text flows seamlessly and doesn’t sound like it was written by a robotic chimp? Yes, we’re talking about our beloved post-editors, usually translators who have adapted to this high-tech world we live in. In this presentation our intention is not only to share our experience in training post-editors, but also to show how companies can improve both the quality of their translations and their productivity by sharing information.

Takeaways: The importance of training and sharing information and how to increase their quality and productivity with MT.