The Future of Language Service under AI

Track: Content Management | CM6 |
同声传译 – Simultaneous Interpretation
Thursday, March 2, 2017, 10:15am – 11:00am
Held in: Chicago/Miami
Ying Chai - Global Tone Communication Technology 
Wenye Li - Chinese University of Hong Kong 
Guoqing Yan - Global Tone Communication Technology
Host: Li Xu

In this session we will present topics from three perspectives: artificial intelligence (AI) and cognition; language technologies under AI; and language services in the age of AI. The progress of cross-language big data and AI cognition technology will greatly influence the translation industry in the new era. In particular, the cross-language big data will break information barriers and improve the capability of scientific research; by integrating machine learning into machine translation, cold machines are enabled to think like humans; in the end, the development of AI technologies will deliver scenario-based application experience of language cognition. Such development also means new challenges for the language service industry. A new topic to think about and explore is how to achieve the collaborative development of language, big data and AI. In China, the Language Big Data Alliance (LBDA) has been established through the efforts of enterprises, governments and higher education institutions. It has accomplished the collaborative innovation of these parties through resource sharing platforms and cooperative mechanisms, thus facilitating the integrated development of language, big data and AI.