The Neural MT Transformation

Track: Preconference | P09 |
Wednesday, November 1, 2017, 9:30pm – 1:00am
Held in: Napa 1
Achim Ruopp - TAUS

Just when you got comfortable with statistical machine translation (SMT) being part of the tool box, neural machine translation (NMT) enters the stage. What is it? What is the hype about? How will this technology affect your business? How can you make informed decisions about NMT solutions?

In this workshop, we answer these questions and cover the latest developments in machine translation — just in enough depth to make you dangerous. We will cover:

  • Neural MT and how it differs from rule-based and statistical MT
  • Unique advantages and disadvantages of NMT
  • Novel NMT use cases and what opportunities they offer for the language industry and beyond
  • Adaptive and iterative MT
  • MT as part of the human translation process
  • Evaluation: automatic, human and use-case specific
  • Language data as the fuel for MT
  • The MT market: commercial MT solutions and open source MT frameworks