The World Is Flat

Track: Global Business | GB3 |
Thursday, October 15, 2015, 2:45pm – 4:00pm
Held in: Mission City Ballroom 5
Akulaa Agarwal - Adobe 
Hannah Choi - Autodesk 
Mary McHale - Microsoft 
Jessica Roland -  
Francis Tsang - LinkedIn 
Christine Vukusic - SAP
Moderator: Akulaa Agarwal

Globalization experts in this panel session will discuss how the world is “flat” and what this means for the panelist companies as they establish and expand international markets; how the business models at these top software companies are evolving; what the impact is on localization models; and the view of localization in relation to the Internet of Things.

Software publishers are seeing a great change in terms of the way the whole desktop paradigm has changed, and currently the direction is being centered around concepts such as the Internet of Things, cloud-based implementations, mobile support and so on. In this new world, what is the strategy of companies like us when they venture into international markets? What is our vision of the end- to-end workflows of customers and how do we intend to engage with our customers going forward? Keeping all of this in mind, what is the direction or evolution we want to see in localization service providers, localization tools and technologies of the world?