Buy-side Colloquium: Localization Maturity Model 3.0 — Why Benchmarking Globalization Matters in a Continuous Delivery World

Track: Inside Track | IN1 |
Special Registration Requirement, this is an extended session and will run until 10:30.
Thursday, June 15, 2017, 9:00am – 9:45am
Held in: Room H2
Rebecca Ray - CSA Research

How many times have you heard “localization is special” or “globalization only affects a few departments?” Probably too many times. Why are these attitudes still held by otherwise informed middle managers and executives? Because globalization as a business process doesn’t register for them. How can you gain their attention, respect and support? By applying the new Localization Maturity Model 3.0 from Common Sense Advisory (CSA Research) as the framework to guide and measure your globalization progress at both the team and enterprise levels. In this buyer-only session, CSA Research shares the results of its recent, extensive data collection and analysis initiative with companies in 15 countries, including 6,657 correlations based on the data collected. Join CSA Research for a guided discussion and the opportunity to share your stories and ask questions of other participants. Space is limited to buyers of language services only. RSVP is required.