Fulvio Marfoni

Global Knowledge Management Strategist

Fulvio Marfoni is a knowledge management (KM) strategist within HP’s global customer support organization, covering among other things, all HPI support digital capabilities servicing over 500 million users a year. A strategist with substantial (17+ years) digital (content, knowledge, web and on-product) experience, Fulvio is versed in the different areas of content strategy, KM and deployment, localization strategies as well as mobile deployment and interactions. He is currently developing the next generation enterprise content management system for HPI including KM strategy (CX, content repositories, DITA models, dynamic DITA rendering), capabilities development and overall roadmap of the largest technology overhaul in HP’s web history. This includes taxonomy management processes and system, a new DITA-based content management system as well as “Knowledge as a Service” APIs to support various web services and on-product capabilities.

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