Attracting and Developing Talent: A LocWorld Initiative

Track: Preconference | P07 |
Special Registration Requirement
Tuesday, February 28, 2017, 1:30pm – 5:00pm
Held in: Hawaii
Ann Chen - Welocalize 
Alex Han - Beijing Language and Culture University 
Costanza Marinelli - Larsen Globalization Ltd 
Lily Wen - Adobe
Moderators: Ulrich Henes,
Peng Wang

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Attracting and Developing Talent continues its efforts to examine and work on solutions to the challenges of educating professionally trained staff in the localization industry to confront the coming talent shortage. In this session we will bring together people who teach localization and businesses that hire localization professionals and may have internship programs. Improving localization educational programs will be the main focus of the meeting. We welcome interested academics and business people to this session to contribute their ideas and solutions.

Opening: A Brief Introduction to the History and Motivation of the ADT Initiative – Ulrich Henes –LocWorld

Achievements and Summary of Past Sessions   Peng Wang – University of Maryland

Which Talents Do Recruiters, Localization Vendors and Employees in the Localization Industry Look for? How Do They Rate Academic and Translation Programs?

  • The Recruiter’s Point of View: Costanza Marinelli – Larsen Globalization
  • The Client’s Point of View: Lily Wen – Adobe Systems Inc.
  • The Vendor’s Point of View: Ann Chen – Welocalize

Presentation of University Programs: Target Audience, Degrees, Advertising Effort, Demand, Number of Students and Number of Graduates Working in the Localization Industry

  • Localization Universities in China: Alex Han – Beijing Language University

Initiatives – Strategies – Plan of Action

  • Collaboration between universities in different regions
  • Collaboration between academia and L10N industry