Carl Yao

Executive VP, Global Strategy
CSOFT International

Carl Yao is responsible for the strategic development of CSOFT’s localization services, products and technologies. With the goal of leveraging and expanding CSOFT’s globalization solutions portfolio to optimize business outcomes and help customers extract greater value from CSOFT’s offerings, Carl plays a key role in the formulation and execution of new business strategies. He was a visionary behind TermWiki, a terminology network with nomenclature in 1,700 subjects and 100+ languages. Carl also pioneered Stepes, the world’s first mobile translation service with professional human translators. Prior to CSOFT, at YAOS Technologies, a company he founded, he was the principal architect for the development of the world’s first multilingual speech engine using natural human voice to synthesize speech. Carl also served as the CTO for Animation Technologies, based in Boston, Massachusetts. He graduated with a BA in mathematics and computer science from Whitman College and completed a master’s program in computer science from Brown University.

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