“Continuous Delivery”

LocWorld35 Silicon Valley : November 1-3, 2017

Cloud, mobile and next generation platforms have created an expectancy for the latest product and content any place and at any time. As the Agile supercharger, continuous delivery has been shown to bring with it faster time-to-market, reduced risk, lower costs, and better products – all with greater frequency. Technology enables the process, and continuous delivery makes the speed of change intense.

As consumers, we all enjoy the benefits of it. But, as members of the localization industry, what does this mean for us? When our clients or company management insist on it, how do we fit localization into the continuous delivery process? How do we manage the triangle of cost, quality, and time in such a fast-paced production environment? How do we take advantage of this environment to grow global revenues and differentiate our global brand? These are key questions. The answers to which are critical as we adapt to the world of Continuous Delivery.

This is the focus of LocWorld35 Silicon Valley, CA.

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